Reliable quality

Social infrastructure facilities

When discussing children’s preschool educational institutions, hospitals, schools and other social infrastructure facilities, limited budget and poor financing are always remembered. In addition, it is necessary to achieve high quality construction works, as the facility will have important social status.

Considering the need for efficient and economically justified technical solutions for equipping and rebuilding these facilities, PLASTFOIL suggests using complex roof heat insulation systems.

  • Use of PLASTFOIL® state-of-the-art polymer waterproofing and efficient PENOPLEX® heat insulation makes it possible to not only reduce the cost of works and materials significantly, but also to improve the reliability and service life of structures in comparison to traditionally applied solutions;
  • Practice shows that this technical solution reduces the cost of “roofing pie” square meter by more than 100 roubles;
  • This solution prevents roofing leaks for a long time, because PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane has a service life of over 30 years. Moreover, traditionally welded roofing requires significantly greater expenditures when in use due to its short life and, consequently, the need for regular and costly repairs.

It should be mentioned, that repairs usually needed for roofing, insulated with welded materials, can be carried out quicker and cheaper due to the use of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane.

  • In this case there is no need to clean the roof and to apply additional layers of priming and dry them;
  • Technology of PLASTFOIL® polymer material installation by hot air welding makes it possible to carry out the whole range of repair works with extremely rapidly and with the highest quality weld seam.

So, the complex PENOPLEX® + PLASTFOIL® solution solves the complicated problem of using state-of-the-art technologies without waste funds.