Reliable quality

Industrial facilities

Industrial facilities require high quality roofing, as this roofing covers high-tech equipment, expensive materials, and, most importantly, production personnel.

PLASTFOIL®: state-of-the-art polymer membrane

  • meets the requirements for improved safety when roofing works are carried out.

    Installation is carried out without gas bottles and open flame, which makes it possible to use this material even at chemical, oil-and-gas and other fire-hazardous facilities.

  • Work can be performed on time and is high quality.

    PLASTFOIL®, as opposed to bitumen materials, is laid in one layer. The convenient size of the rolls (width — 2 meters, length — 25 meters) together with the speed of laying makes it possible to reduce handling operations, and, almost importantly, significantly reduces the number of welded seams that are most frequently where leaks are generated. Installation can be carried out all year round in any temperature conditions, meaning that construction does not need to stop.

  • guarantees long time before repair.

    1 square metre of PLASTFOIL® weighs approximately 1.5 kg, which is 3-4 times less than the weight of bitumen materials, which reduces the load on the roof carrying base. Tensile strength and resistance to physical/mechanical influences of PLASTFOIL® are 3-4 times higher than the same figures for bitumen materials. Special admixtures and regulators in the composition of the material’s upper layer protect the waterproofing cover surface against the damaging impact of UV-rays. In addition, PLASTFOIL® is oxidation resistant, biostable, is highly elasticity, and together with the advantages listed above, guarantees prolonged operation for at least 30 years.

  • Provides significant savings.

    In an 8-hour working shift one roofing team is capable of waterproofing at least 1000 sq. m of roof. This means significant saving of working time, and, consequently, financial expenses. In addition, the use of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane will help to eliminate annual losses as a result of leaks in bitumen cover.

Recently, energy saving has become of major importance for major industrial facilities. The upper layer of PLASTFOIL® material is light-coloured. This allows it to reflect solar radiation and warm up slower than black bitumen materials, so the plant’s energy resources are significantly saved.

PLASTFOIL® state-of-the-art polymer membrane is the best product for new industrial facility roofs, as well for ones being reconstructed. Each year, more and more leading companies in Russia choose PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing membrane for their facilities..

This includes large facilities such as: Hyundai factory, Krasnodar heating plant, Novosibirsk Car Repair Factory of the RF Ministry of Defence, Omsk NPZ and many others.