Reliable quality

Logistics and warehouse complexes

A logistics complex is a complicated system, as it includes a lot of operations, the most important of which is responsibility for the stored products. Responsible storage always envisages all possible conditions that can affect the safety of goods and products. This includes temperature and relative air humidity, air flow speed and lighting.

As a rule, these facilities cover tens of thousands of square metres. Considering the area and volume of products stored, it is very important to provide reliable protection.

Due to its high technical features, state-of-the art PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing provides reliable protection for roofing of large-size logistics and warehouse complexes:

  • PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane production uses the highest quality raw materials supplied by only the best foreign manufacturers. Production is performed on state-of-the-art German equipment, and the company’s own laboratory provides product quality control at each stage of the production cycle. All these conditions make it possible to obtain a European quality finished product.
  • ПPLASTFOIL® is almost completely waterproof, which allows it to reliably protect the roofing against leaks and to prolong the service life of the waterproofing cover itself.
  • The light-coloured upper layer significantly decreases heating of the surface, and thus reduces the risk of crack generation in the waterproofing cover during operation. The service life of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane is over 30 years.
  • PLASTFOIL® installation features make it possible to complete roofing works in a short time, which is particularly important with vast logistics complexes.

PLASTFOIL® is delivered to the facilities in 40 to 50 sq. m rolls. It is no secret that the main problems for waterproofing covers are the abutment and joints of waterproofing rolls. PLASTFOIL® sheets are 2 m wide, which significantly reduces the number abutment places of rolls, and the large area (from 40 to 50 sq. m) reduces the installation period and makes it possible to complete the job on time. This is the most important feature, as in many parts of Russia the construction period is limited, and contractors usually try to complete installation works before the weather turns extremely cold.

PLASTFOIL polymer membrane is also efficiently used as a cover for unheated warehouses.

Mobile, structurally light warehouses make it possible to quickly arrange the enclosed and unheated area for storing different products or materials.

Usually, sheet steel is used for covering roofing of hangar-type unheated warehouses. However, PLASTFOIL®polymer membrane cover is becoming more and more popular, as it is cheaper than steel and is sufficiently strong for withstanding snow and other loads.

PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane cover has 12-14 MPa tensile strength, absolute water tightness and is resistant to the effects of low temperatures (-35ºС, −55ºС — for NORD grade).