Reliable quality

Residential buildings

Today most buildings in Russia need renovation. The use of bitumen materials with low operating features in recent years has lead to quick loss of elasticity and generation of cracks, which cause leaks and actual losses.

The reconstruction challenge can be efficiently resolved by using PLASTFOIL® waterproofing:

  • firstly, reconstruction can be carried out without preliminary removal of the old bitumen roofing;
  • secondly, polymer waterproofing is environmentally-friendly and does not produce a strong smell in stair-wells like bitumen materials do;
  • PLASTFOIL® rolls are installed in one layer, which excludes waste, whereas when bitumen is used piles of waste material remain near the buildings after reconstruction;
  • and, probably, the main condition when residential buildings is the safety of people. Unlike bitumen, PLASTFOIL® is connected using hot air, without using an open flame. This makes the process quick and removes the danger of a fire starting or a gas bottle explosion.

The service life of PLASTFOIL® polymer waterproofing is over 30 years, compared to 10-15 years for bitumen roll materials. This means that over several years thousands of roubles will be saved per each metre of roofing.

Due to its high operating features, safety and ease of installing, — PLASTFOIL polymer membrane® is the best product for arranging the roofing of modern residential facilities of any architectural complexity.

PLASTFOIL® is successfully used for waterproofing absolutely all types of today’s roofing: mechanical, ballast and inversion.

The use of PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane makes it possible to transform roofing into a promenade zone, car park or greenhouse. The task of arranging inversion used roofing today is becoming more important as it makes it possible to solve problems, related to the absence of free land for creating courtyards and playgrounds in big cities with increasing housing density.