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PENOPLEX SPb is the part of the PENOPLEX Holding Company — large Russian manufacturer of construction, decorative and packing materials of polymers. PENOPLEX was founded in 1998. That time it was the first Russian manufacturer of heat-insulation boards from extruded polystyrene. Today PENOPLEX has four manufacturing plants in Russian Federation and another two plants are now under construction, one of them is situated in Kazakhstan Republic.

PENOPLEX SPb is the distribution company. Its main tasks are promotion and sales of the construction materials produced by PENOPLEX Holding Company. Main of them are PENOPLEX® — heat-insulation boards of extruded polystyrene, PLASTFOIL — polymeric waterproof membranes, FASTFIX — roof fasteners.

PLASTFOIL is first Russian PVC waterproof membrane. Extrusion way of manufacturing allows getting the best consumer properties of the material.

Manufacturing of PLASTFOIL waterproof PVC membranes started in November 2007 near Saint-Petersburg. Productive capacity is 20 millions sq. meters of PVC-based membranes per year. It is the first Russian complete-cycle manufacturing of PVC-based waterproofing membranes from the self-preparing of PVC-compound to the final production output. Modern, productive and reliable equipment allows producing high-quality waterproofing materials with the long-term service life.

The main application of the PLASTFOIL membrane is waterproofing of flat roofs, foundations, tunnels, artificial reservoirs, swimming pools and different containers. PLASTFOIL membranes differ from traditional bitumen roofing materials by its quality: PLASTFOIL membranes in contrast to traditional bitumen materials are hardly-inflammable and prevent spreading of fire on the roof surface.

PVC membrane consists of three main components, which together compose the durable, homogeneous material. Upper layer of the PLASTFOIL membranes is the flexible PVC with stabilizers, plasticizers and fire retardants, which add to membranes resistance to the high and low temperatures, UV-radiation and fire. The membrane reinforcement is made of polyester. Bottom layer is the PVC compound dark-grey color. PLASTFOIL membranes are often used for the constructions with high fire-safety requirements.

PLASTFOIL is your real competitive advantage.

PENOPLEX Holding Company is glad to invite European companies for the collaboration in the area of producing of polymeric waterproofing materials.