Reliable quality

Agricultural sector

Active financing of agricultural facilities in Russia creates favourable basis for the construction of new poultry factories, fur farms, piggeries and agricultural infrastructure facilities.

The traditional solution for building such facilities are the widely used sandwich-panels (both for walls and roofs). However, such a solution has some drawbacks

  • Firstly, installation features assume that there are joins where faulty installation or design errors make leaks very probable;
  • Secondly, the cost of “roofing pie” square meter with sandwich-panels is rather high.

PLASTFOIL® polymer membrane favourable distinctive features are:

  • first of all, fast installation;
  • fully waterproof carpet;
  • possible choice of heat-insulating material in accordance with fire safety requirements;
  • PLASTFOIL® is available in different colours and offers a wide range of colours;
  • In addition, the cost of “roofing pie” square meter using PENOPLEX® and PLASTFOIL® materials is significantly lower than the cost of sandwich-panels;
  • Results showed that polymer waterproofing PLASTFOIL® service life is 30 years, which is comparable with the service life of the facility itself.

Therefore the use of PENOPLEX® and PLASTFOIL® materials make it possible to solve, reliably and in the long-term, roofing system tasks in the agricultural sector without additional costs.